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Thread: Was R1b-V88 the culprit for the outdated "all R1b's are Basque" theory?

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    Was R1b-V88 the culprit for the outdated "all R1b's are Basque" theory?

    So I only recently, about 3 months ago, decided to start reading up on ancient European genetics because the last time I had researched it (probably in 2010), the prevailing theory was:

    -There was a refugia in the Basque region and one in Ukraine somewhere. The Basque one was all R1b's made of people who came from N. Africa. They then spread out to W. Europe. The Ukrainian one was all R1a's and had some connection to the Finnic languages somehow. They spread out to E. Europe. Horse warriors of similar but different R1 DNA came from the east and spread their culture all the way west to Ireland covering all of Europe by being super charismatic.-

    I've come back to European genetic studies simply because we have finally thrown this weird theory out the window.

    We obviously know now that there was a Bronze Age invasion and population replacement. However, the strangeness of R1b-V88 remains.

    Was R1b-V88 popping up in testing in Iberia the reason for the belief that R1b came from N. Africa? Did they just lack proper downstream subclade testing to distinguish R1b-V88 from any of the R1b subclades that are attributed to the PIE invasion from the east?

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    Keep reading, all should fall in place soon. Don't put all your attention in uniparental markers, especially if they are very basic and very old, they are often very misleading and tell story only of 2% of DNA. Check the sticky thread with all important research papers.
    Be wary of people who tend to glorify the past, underestimate the present, and demonize the future.

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