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Thread: Is social science a pseudo science?

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    Is social science a pseudo science?

    "Gender is a social construct"
    "Race is a social construct" - but being Muslim isn't a social construct according to Social science, interesting...

    What's next, age is a social construct as well?

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    Probably about as pseudo-scientific as your Nazi avatar.
    Edit : since he decided to change it; this was the image he had as his avatar. No doubt with the intention to ***** :

    All you need to do is google image search his avatar, and the vast majority of sites you find it on are Neo-nazi websites.

    I'm not exactly sure what that picture is trying to achieve; how much different they look from one another? The nose is different, the forehead is different, the cheek bones are different, and the overall shape of skull is different. Moreover, this was the color of Augustus's hair:
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