Living DNA is one of the only companies that breaks down the Middle East into components. As there are many Europe-centric results, I thought some people would be interested in seeing results from a non-European.

As far as I know, I am 100% Mountain Jewish from the Caucasus. Both of my parents were born in the republic of Dagestan. All my great-grandparents were Mountain Jews who were likely born within ~40 mi of each other.

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Complete View - Regional

Europe (South) - 49.2%
[Italy colored]

Near East

Levant - 24.9%
North Turkey - 8.5%
Iran - 5.2%

Asia (South)
Sindh - 8.1%
Indian subcontinent - 1.4%
Pashtun - 1.1%

Asia (Central)
Chechnya - 1.5%

A few (biased) observations:
  • The ~50% European is obviously a gross exaggeration, although I don't reject it outright. I do share 0.10-0.11% DNA with Italians on 23andMe.
  • The higher North Turkey percentage than Iranian is surprising, since the oral tradition among the community says that we came to the Caucasus from Persia (as evidenced by our Judeo-Persian tongue).
  • The low Chechnya number (which encompasses Dagestan on the map) is also noted, showing little admixture with the host population.
  • The Indian/Sindh admixture is a bit of a mystery to me. FTDNA also shows 6% South Central Asian. However, the "Cautious" view displays the same admixture as "Blochistan-related". If that is the case, then it's possible that both our groups had ancestors in Iran or even Syria, as Baloch lore claim Western origins.