They found human remains too. I hope they don't contaminate them and call someone. It would be good to know what the Neolithic colonizers of Cyprus were like.


"NICOSIA, CYPRUS—Stone vessels, human remains, and a fragment of an anthropomorphic clay figurine were uncovered in shallow pits at the Prastio-Mesorotsos site in western Cyprus, according to a report in Cyprus Mail Online. The site is located on a prominent rocky outcrop in the Dhiarizos Valley, with views of the mountains and the sea, and was inhabited from the Neolithic period through the Middle Bronze Age. The recovery of an engraved stone, similar to stones found at Choletria-Ortos, which is also located in the Paphos region; Choirokitia, which is located on the southern coast; and Lebanon, located across the Mediterranean Sea, suggests the inhabitants of these sites had contact with each other, perhaps as early as the late Neolithic period."