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Thread: Iberian Neolithic M269?

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    Iberian Neolithic M269?

    It just has been published the R1b-M343 (xP312xU106) Y-DNA tree by Sergey Malyshev.

    I don’t really know them, don’t know how credible this things are. However two things are remarkable.
    a. They, like Genetiker, put ATP3 as M269 and,
    b. most amazingly, add MC337A, Monte Canelas (Portugal), Late Neolithic/Chalcolithic also as R1b-M269.
    c. Atp3 in north Spain 3400-3100 bc and MC337 is 3200-2900bc in the most remote southwestern point of Europe.

    Remember that Martiniano et al published several Portugal Late Neolithic/Chalcolithic individuals as I2a1b giving the impression they dominate this Period in Portugal and MC337A as nothing reported for him. Then, the following period, middle bronze age, as full of R1b1a2a1a2 (so, P312). Hence the arrival of Steppe (or Balkan east bell beakers) R1b timeline mantra. Though, these 3 bronze age P312 actually had no Steppe component to them. But it did not deter the narrative.

    If, I repeat If, this turns out to be correct then we have In Portugal, further way as one gets from steppe. 3200BC (M269) ------- son 1800BC (P312) ----- grandson R1b-DF27 (without Z195, so no East to west cline). In the same 100 miles area.

    Not really the story we are been told, is it?
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