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Thread: Mesolithic Greece: Face of 9,000-Year-Old Teenager Reconstructed

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    Hunter-gatherers did use their teeth as a tool:
    "Today such actionsare relatively uncommon, as we have alarge array of specialized tools to carryout these tasks. In the past teeth wereused for a large variety of tasks, such asinitial preparation of food, preparation ofmaterials such as leather and fibres andwoodworking. This was particularly trueof hunter-gatherers and may well have hada considerably greater effect on tooth wearthan eating itself. Consequently, mostgroups of hunter-gatherers, both ancientand recent, have been noted for their highrates of tooth wear."

    Inuit women have traditionally chewed on animal hide in the process of making clothing.

    I can't find a citation right now, but I believe tree bark was also chewed on to break it down for uses in clothing.

    It seems some groups knew enough to chew on the willow bark, which is a source of salicylic acid. Certain kinds of pine bark were also eaten in times when game was scarce.

    The jaw is somewhat different, but I think Pinhasi has proposed that chewing on raw vegetables and meat required bigger jaws, and with the advent of cooked food, and especially by Neolithic times, the jaw size was shrinking.

    Perhaps this was a hunter-gatherer trait her group retained, as well as a result of the work she did?

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    The Mesolithic Greek woman has a number of Atlantid features in my opinion which correlates with modern Greek (mainland) Atlanto Meds although the close set eyes may vary from Modern mainland Greeks phenotypes with a similar skull structure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovialis View Post

    Mesolithic Teenager 7000 BC
    "Avgi has very unique, not especially female, skull, and features. Myrtis, still a child, does not differ at all in the features we find around us today," says Nilsson. "Having reconstructed a lot of Stone Age women and men, I think some facial features seem to have disappeared or 'smoothed out' with time. In general, we look less masculine, both men and women, today."
    looks similar,

    "A Minoan Priestess (c. 1700 BC) reconstructed anatomically from a skull (John Prag and Richard Neave ). My colored version. According to a story she was killed due to an earthquake while carrying a human sacrifice!"
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    Wow the priestess looks just like her
    mmmmmmmmm dooouuughhhnuuuutz

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