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Thread: Correction to Phyogenetic Tree of R1b-Z39589

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    Correction to Phyogenetic Tree of R1b-Z39589


    I would like to bring to your attention what I think is simply a typographical error on your Phyogenetic Tree of R1b-Z39589.
    Under DF49>Z2980>Z2976>DF23, you list a SNP as ZP139, with occurrence in Portugal and Ireland.

    ZP139 is a SNP under R1b-U106/S21>Z18>Z17>S375/Z372>15898485, identified by Peter Op den Velde Boots in the R-Z18 - A North Sea Tribe Project; seen on the Big-Y Results R-Z372 webpage.

    I believe the accurate listing should instead be ZP149/ZP148, identified by Peter's collaborator, David Stedman, working as project admin of the FTDNA DF49 and Subclades Project. Furthermore, the occurrence can be updated and expanded beyond Portugal (ZP181) and
    Ireland (ZP171), to include Scotland (ZP179). Also, some descendants appear to have likely modern origins in Wales (ZP171) and in NW England (ZP179); so perhaps it should be listed as Portugal, Britain, Ireland.

    This is only my 2nd post, and I am unable to post links. So, here goes for citing supporting information:
    Please see the FTDNA DF49 and Subclades Project for a haplotree depicting ZP148/ZP149, and subclades, as well as the project Y-DNA spreadsheet.

    Also, for a cladogram constructed using SAPP of FTDNA testers mostly >67 STRs, with a smattering of singleton, SNP Pack and Big Y testing, which shows the surnames under ZP148/ZP149, please see the 17/17 post on the Anthrogenica thread Bushing of the DF49 x M222 Y Tree ?, under Forurm > Human Population Genetics > Y-Chromosome (Y-DNA) Haplogroups > R > R1b-312 > R1b-L21 > DF13 > DF49 > .

    Thank you,
    Brian McMichael
    R1b>L21>DF49>DF23>ZP148, Y22139/ZP149>ZP181/Y22142>Y22135, ZP179>Y29932, FGC60442, FGC13963
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