Actually i don't remember right now the site, i am gonnq clean up my emails and tell tou XD, i remember it was on a danish trip advisor, or at least on that page there was a link to a genetics site who said that they could find your haplo + autosomal DNA, only thing i can tell you is that, as far as i remember, autosomally i score 40% european tuscan, 30% south european, 30% eastern europe, and i have an explanation for this, maternally my mlther comes from korça, south albania, a slavic settlement in the middle ages so this explains the eastern euro admixture, while my father is 100% vlach aromanian, i think that this could explain how i ended up having L51 in the balkans, it is thaught that the aromanians could as well be italian settlers that came into the balkans from italy during roman rule, guess whay they are kinda high on J2b (don't quite remember wich clade) wich is heavily related to the roman empire and its expansion (wherever the romans went you can find small percs of j2b, very intresting).
Probably some of these italians carried the most typical italian haplo, R1b L51, sounds reasonable enough.