you can see on this image(search it on google Yhaplotree.JPG i cant link it.)

all europeans and native american peoples come from P hablogroup.

First Turkic peoples are Q hablogroup and later they are mixing with r1a and mongoloid C.

and if this a reality i have some questions.

vikings come from middle east. other europeans (west europeans and east europeans.) come from central asia.

and K hablogroup create japanese, uralic, altaic, native americans, turkic and all european peoples.

all europe and asia come from same hablogroup K.

N hablogroup are ural language,

Q hablogroup are Turkic and Native American langauge

O hablogroup are Japanese, Korean and Chinese Language.

and they all have similar asiatic languages.

Why west europeans and east europeans are have indo-european language?

i think they languages must be like a ural, altaic, korean, asiatic language?

i understand about first vikings and others because they came from middle east IJ hablogroup. (also all anatolian peoples, greeks, albanians, persians, george-amernians, hittites, romans, macodonians, nordic are IJ hablogroup.) IJ hablogroups origin from middle east and anatolia.

but other european nomadics come from central asia and dna is close to asiatic peoples.

how you explain this if this imagine and infos truth?

i think vikings or other aryan peoples invade change europeans original languages and cultures. its possible?

because if you search about first european cultures. they are so similar with altaic and native american peoples. shaman/pagan beliefs, throat singing, jaw harps. genetics and cultures says all euroasian peoples come from same hablogroup and dna but europeans have different language. why this is?

all K hablogroup peoples have similar asiatic languages and cultures but only one hablogroup are differents. They are R1a and R1b.