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Thread: The many tales of I4110 , I5884 , I6551 ... and I6601

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    The many tales of I4110 , I5884 , I6551 ... and I6601

    Ukraine_Eneolithic --- I4110 (the most Caucasian); I5884 (the R1B Z2103 without steppe); I6551 (1/3 EEF/CHG/EHG)
    Alberto (commenter at Eurogenes) modelled Bell Beakers using this new samples from Olalde and Mathieson. Check it out:

    Its noteworthy the population that got chosen by the model. The amount and times Ukraine Eneolithic is picked up alongside with Yamnaya. And so many times where I4110 is so is I6601.
    This one (6601) is called Iberia_Southwest_CA added later to Olalde. Not a Bell beaker but the only that lived in the precise land of most visible Bell beakers in Portugal. Not at all a guy thrown into a cave but an high value individual buried with care just miles from Zambujal , overseeing the Sizandro river and living between 2800-2600bc, so when BB were arising.

    And it should make people think the amount of times this meagre Iberia_Southwest_CA, from Zambujal 2800bc (alongside with other Iberia_Central_CA ) , is picked up.

    Note: For a crazy guy like me who thinks Shulaveri shomu at a point flee to northern Caucasus as their cousins flee to Iberia (no matter what route) , I sure can build a pretty narrative why that I4110 (remember the most Caucasus one), or even the I5884, so many times is close to that Iberia_Southwest_CA building Bell beaker admixture! – Many tales indeed.
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