Some blogs (yes, that one) are getting their heads around it: As per latest Reich book, he thinks PIE was in South Caucasus. Like Johannes Krause had also shown last year as his believe . I am sure in time “everybody already knew”. Even steppe fanatics.

Let me state again, for future memory, what I have been saying for long.
  1. PIE arised in 6th millennia BC in a culture called the Shulaveri SHomu. “My” Shulaveri Shomu.
  2. When Shulaveri disappeared from south Caucasus in 4900 bc some went to the steppe. Some went back west, to places like Fikirtepe (North Anatolia) and even back to Balkans (where I think they came 7000bc). Some stood and integrated later Kura Araxes, some went south, as south as to Merimde beni salama in the Nile delta.
  3. Shulaveri admix for over a millennia with Chokh people which were pure CHG, descendants of Kotias. These, the more admix with CHG Chokh, were the ones in places such as Palui, Anasueli. Kotias Klde, darkveti and Nagutini. by 4900bc, had loads of CHG. Very shortly after were seen up the Kuban river into the steppe. In contrast with the ones in Armenia (Aratashen and Arknashen) that might have been less CHG.

Oh, and by the way, they were R1b, M269, and by 4900bc full L23… (and everyone seem to avoid looking into their Mtdna H2a, H15a, I1.)