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Thread: I accidentally cured my hearing issue in my left ear, but how?

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    I accidentally cured my hearing issue in my left ear, but how?

    I've had hearing issues ever since I started having severe sinus issues and colds all throughout this winter and early spring and just this morning my left ear felt like it was full of cotton, all the way to the space behind my left eye! Just now, i started jamming against my left ear lobe (or that thing you press against when you deliberately block off hearing) and i feel almost good as new, the cotton feeling went away and it feels almost squeaky clean...but how in the world did jamming on the ear lobe fix my issues?
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    It's funny, but I had the same issue, in the left ear as well, took tons of meds, had a CT scan, they told me I should have a surgery for deviated septum but I refused. So I went to accupuncture and it solved it in 5 sessions. Never tried your method but it's good to know

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