ok so we all probably heard about these news. there were chemical weaons used in syria and the us and its allies immediately punished the syrian regime under assad. and personally i feel kinda shocked how fast we here in the west came to the conclusion that the chemical weapons were used by the syrian troops, who practically already conquered the region and would have had to expect consequences for the use of chemical weapons and not the rebels who reportedly already used chemical weapons themselves too and were about to lose. the islamist rebel group was named dschaisch al-islam and already committed several crimes against religious minorities.
so to me it seems like we actually have no idea who used these weapons and yet the usa, uk and france start to attack a side and germany's merkel calls the attacks justified and necessary. instead of dissaproving the actions of the usa the western european nations cheer to it and even participate.

i feel like most people here in europe do not actually realize what is going on right now. this is a disregard of international law right there.