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It seems some Albanians like to "appropriate", or to "invent" recent Balkan/Albanian origin for just about any V13, this is not only wrong but actually offensive towards V13 including Albanian V13 because it would imply that V13 did not take part in warlike Bronze/Iron age movements which is ludicrous.

Reality is that Albanian V13's are usually younger clades, and percentage of V13 in Albanians is in big part a result of multiple founder effects, most elaborate example is the Berisha-Sopi cluster in Kosovo Albanians.

However in Bulgaria V13 is not only numerous but far more diverse when it comes to basal CTS5856 clades. V13 is more Proto-Thracian than anything else, then proto-Greek and Illyrian.

Now that FGC11451 clades are mentioned, Albanian FGC11450 have two main clusters, one of those has close matches with Bulgarian/Romanian (despite relatively few tested Romanians) and even might be a good candidate for Gotfried Schramm's Bessian origin, second has no relatives, it's most likely a LBA/EIA movement. Thrace has still more diversity of FGC11451 than Albania, no way these Bulgarian E-BY4914 have anything to do with Albanians. Generally as I've said V13 as a haplogrup is simply alot more Thracian than Illyrian albeit there are various Illyrian V13 clades. J-L283 on the other hand has very little do do with Thracians and related groups. Albanian J-L283's have nothing to do with Thracians and everything to do with Illyrians.
Hmm... I provided a tip based on the 1400's EU political landscape that I am aware of. Where did I say Xisco's ancestor was Albanian? I even went out of my way to specify E-V13 was present in the Macedonian frontier at the time. And also to specify that neither Stratioti neither E-V13 are unique to Albanians.

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