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Dear Alpenger, you sent a link about the names and countries of Haplo T which was very usefull.
In arabic I found an important name.It was sharif Maher Rashwan Al-Jamazi Al-Husayni.
This is a very prominant tribe in Egypt and Saoudi Arabia which have a direct paternal Genealogy all the way to the prophet Muhammad who also was a direct descendant of Ismael and Abraham.Their geneology is authenticated by arab genealogy scholars.
If that is so,this gives us more fascinating information about haplo T.Ishmael must have had the same dna as his brother Isaac and the children of Israel.
Could the tribe of Israel be haplo T? Would the reason why Haplo T beeing so scattered in low pourcentages be because the children of Israel where massacred and scattered around the world as predicted in the Bible?
What do you guys think?
Can you tell us the kit number of Al Husayni?

I don't think remotely possible that T is linked in any way to children of Israel as a whole. perhaps one of his branches who knows. There is one unique confirmed link between Jews of two different branches, you can find it downstream T1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a2c-PF4074