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I don't have an explanation, but the situation sounds familiar.

Soon after my Walk-through-the-Y test in 2012 had detected what was at that time my single unique SNP, E-L1019, I had asked a Y37 of unknown origin (33/37 match), a Y31 from Bulgaria, and a Y31 from Greece who both matched me closely to take the E-L1019 single-SNP test. All three tests were E-L1019-, and now 6 years later: 1) the Y37 of unknown origin and the Y31 from Greece are both still E-CTS5856*, 2) the Y31 from Bulgaria remained E-CTS5856* for a time, but eventually tested Z5017+, Z19851+.

Depending on the Y-SNP test you took, an available branch connecting you to the haplotree could be accessible in a test with greater coverage. The coverage of E-Z5017 and its subclades in the Big Y test is extensive, but my main branch E-Z5018 was not covered, but was covered in the Y-Elite test. The 2018 ISOGG tree still shows S2979, L17, A2192, Z17293 and Z16242 as independent subclades of V13 rather than as subclades of Z5018, and Z5018 is not shown anywhere in the haplotree.
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