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Hi Salento,
LOL. I uploaded it on 7/29/2019, when I got the new results from the “MyHeritage Ancestry + Health” kit. The “status” since then was “no matches had been found”. After I saw @KingJohn's post, I visited the site out of curiosity and saw that they changed the Dashboard completely and the status of my kit changed to “testing”. What you need to do now is to order a free purchase and then you will receive an email like this:

I believe that once you receive the email, your results will appear in about an hour, as occoured in case of @Tardisblue.
Cheers :)
PS: Soon after I paid for the upload and received an email as follows:

In less than two hours everything was ready

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Thanks, I did it :)
Got partial results,
but when I click on it they want money.
In my case, getting a new Kit with the new Chip is a much better deal.

I’ll think about it.

from AncestryDNA raw-data: