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Thread: I2(I-S17250) birthplace

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    Some interesting stuffs from the comments on the blog.

    Ancient DNA from pre-Slavic and Slavic individuals was extracted to compare human genetic diversity before and after a possible demographic event traditionally associated with Slavic ethnogenesis.
    Study Title: Genetic Diversity in Migration Period and Early Middle Ages
    Center Name: University of Fribourg
    Study Name: Pre-Slavic and Slavic Ancient DNA

    Raw data link:

    LIB3 NA
    POH13 NA
    POH27 eventually
    POH3 NA
    POH40 NA

    LIB is Breclav-Libiva (5th century), POH is Pohansko (early Middle Ages)

    I hope raw data could be analyzed more so we can find about subclades. For now, there are 3 x S17250
    I have not managed to find original paperwork to see dating of the samples, it could be anywhere between 6th and 10th century.

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    Getting further

    SampleID Ordered Marker+ Chr Start End Allele
    35840 2021-02-22 CTS10228 ChrY 17222477 17222477 C+
    35840 free FGC27543 ChrY 19858974 19858974 G+
    35840 free FGC30459 ChrY 18973336 18973336 A+
    35840 2021-02-22 S17250 ChrY 13419474 13419474 A+
    35840 free V3022 ChrY 13419474 13419474 A+
    35840 free V4023 ChrY 17222477 17222477 C+
    35840 2021-02-22 Y4882 ChrY 18973336 18973336 A+
    35840 free YP204 ChrY 13419474 13419474 A+
    35840 free YP2178 ChrY 19858974 19858974 G+

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    I2 I-S17250
    MtDNA haplogroup

    Country: Hungary

    Guys, what do you think about this?

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    FYI A1328 is a typical SNP for a Serbian group of families known as Rodići. Also known as Krajiski Srbi (Serbs from Military Frontier) Perhaps this group of families originate from North Macedonia (Medieval Serbia) Very interesting for this group is the fact they all celebrate the same Slava – St. Archangel Michael/Aranđelov-dan. Perhaps they moved from Prilep (North Macedonia) to Herzegovina (Old Serbian land as well) then spread across all territories of Austro-Hungarian Military frontier (Bosnia, Dalmatia and Lika,...) Perhaps your ancestor moved to Hungary...
    Google the next headline Rodići – priča o jednoj porodici

    Slava – very unique tradition among Serbs. Equally useful like last name and haplogroup – helps with tracing of fathers lineages
    Look for Slava on Wikipedia

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