I think that it appears interestingly probable that haplogroup J-Z18271 (aka J-Y3088) is the lineage of biblical Israelites. TMRCA of this clade is estimated by YFull as 3000 ybp (https://www.yfull.com/tree/J-Y3088/) and the estimates of YFull may be 15-25% too low. So it appears possible that the ancestor of Z18271 lived about 3500-4000 ybp.

Here is link to Genogenea's J1 tree: http://genogenea.com/J-M267/tree.

One of Z18271* lineages was found in Great Britain (FTDNA #216524). It is probably id:YF13486 from YFull tree. The number of known lineages descending from Z18271 ancestor is at least 5 (according to Genogenea's tree) or about 7 (according to YFull tree).