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If the scientists managed to find a profound CHG vs. EHG cline in the steppes, with some region concentrating much more CHG and less EHG than others, then I think the apparent lack of EHG in the few samples of arguably Hittite-dominated lands in BA Anatolia can be explained (as I demonstrated above, even an original Pre-Anatolian PIE tribe with a full 40% EHG could easily yield just 2.5% of EHG in BA Anatolia), without needing to resort to an unlikely scenario where PIE was spoken south and north of the Caucasus in the Copper Age circa 4000-3500 BC, but there was no significant autosomal and Y-DNA exchange between the two regions in the same period.
This is a very very unlikely scenario considering the very little time gap between the proposed dispersal of Steppe Indo Europeans and the age of these Hittite Bronze Age samples. if these Hittites really came from a roughly ~40-50% EHG source. You would need at least a century until the EHG get's deluded down to 6,25% per individual. And this is only possible if you assume the "Hittites" exclusively and rapidly mated only with individuals with zero EHG. That even excludes other EHG mixed Hittites. How often do you see it happen that people of the same folk do not even touch each other over the course of 4 generation? Even in societies with high mixing rate you always see more a pattern like this.

1. gen
same + foreign, same + same, same+ same, same+ same
2. gen
1/2 mixed + same, same+ same, same+ same, same + same, same + foreign

3. 1/4 mixed + same, same+ foreign, same+ same, same+ same, same+ same, same + 1/2 mixed

And this is rather the pattern for a mixing society.
And in this scenario allot of the foreign admixture actually get's washed out. And the mixing on basis of DNA is much slower. "Steppe" Hittite with 40% EHG mixes with 1/2 mixed "~20% " EHG result is =30% EHG. That 30% EHG mixes with a "full blooded" Hittite result is 35% EHG. This 35% EHG Hittite mixes with a 20-30% EHG Hittite result is 27,5% to 32,5% EHG. Keep in mind and this is the pattern for a strongly mixing society because it is never linear.

But for your theory above to work you would need to assume something more like this.

1. gen
same+ foreign, same+ foreign, same+ foreign, same+ same

2. gen
1/2 + mixed, mixed+ 1/2 mixed, mixed+1/2 mixed, mixed+ 1/2 mixed

As if they were always exclusively mating with foreigners and killing of those pure "Steppe kids".

So no I don't agree with this. There must be a different reason why BA Hittite samples lack EHG just like the Calcolthic Hajji Firuz sample a little further east. And both being basically a mix of Iran_Neo/CHG and ANF.

I think the authors are holding back something.