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Stop cherry picking from my posts. You only answer the parts you like, and elegantly leave the rest out.
I remember why i told you on AG i wouldn't reply you anymore. You seriously lack the theoretical knowledge to be able to discuss something that happened that long ago.

The last answer you will ever get from me in any forum:

Apart from half of their genetics, the whole culture, the animals, the way of living, the wheels, the metals and the tools of the steppe people descend from the populations south of the caucasus.
Before the advent of the southerners, they were nothing but hunter gatherers.
I simply have a hard time seeing why the southerners should have a hard time imposing their language upon a couple of small bands of primitive hunters.
When the real self emerge from the limbo of the soul. You only have 34 messages here and you talk like you know everything. Epoch is a long time amateur in that community, he knows pretty much every possibility genetically, linguistically, culturally about the spread of PIE in ancient times. You better not turn out to be the sockpuppet of a more older user... If people brainstorm and question hypothesis this is not because triggering, this is because there is matter to question.