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Thread: Whats going on with the Griffin Warrior Sealstone?

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    Whats going on with the Griffin Warrior Sealstone?

    The Pylos Combat Agate is an Ancient Greek seal created by Minoans in Crete during the Mycenaean era. It depicts a warrior engaged in hand-to-hand combat. It was discovered in the Griffin Warrior Tomb near the Palace of Nestor in Pylos and is dated to about 1450 BCE.


    The seal is 3.4 cms in length and yet shows immense detail and realism. You can even see the sinewy fibres of deltoid muscles, etc. This is extremely perplexing considering how tiny this seal is and how advanced it is compared to other contemporaneous works. The detail suggests it must have involved the use of some sort of lens although the oldest lens we know of until now is from 750BC made by Assyrians. Although these are quite crude.

    What's going on here??

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    How can we be sure it was really made by the Minoans? If it is carved in stone it cannot be carbon dated.

    Also it wasn't found in Crete but in the Peloponnese in Mycenaean times (if the dating is correct), so the Minoan assignation is purely speculative.

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