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Thread: Small Percentages - A "real" ancestor, or not? (Chuvashia)

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    Small Percentages - A "real" ancestor, or not? (Chuvashia)

    Europe 97.6%

    Great Britain and Ireland 86%
    Southeast England 27.4%
    North Yorkshire 11.5%
    Southwest Scotland and Northern Ireland 9.2%
    Northumbria 9%
    Devon 7.3%
    Cornwall 7.2%
    Aberdeenshire 5.4%
    Central England 2.5%
    East Anglia 1.9%
    South England 1.9%
    Ireland 1.6%
    South Wales 1.1%

    Europe (North and West) 9.6%
    Scandinavia 8.5%
    Germanic 1.1%

    Europe (South) 2%
    Tuscany 2%
    Asia (Central) 2.4%
    Chuvashia 2.4%

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, and have included the results above. I have done some research and it is my understanding that if you receive a small percentage of ethnicity, it's best to be cautious in accepting it as a likelihood you have an actual ancestor from this region. I have never heard of Chuvashia or Russia mentioned in our family, so if it is for real, noone in recent generations has heard of it. I did the test out of curiosity - haven't done a huge amount of family history, just know that the majority of family is Irish, English and Danish (as shown in the results). I did expect much more Irish, but was certainly suprised to see the Chuvashia percentage.

    My question is this: When I checked complete, standard and cautious model - the Chuvashia percentage appeared in all three. When I read the description of cautious, it says Here we have grouped genetically similar populations together. We are most certain about these assignments of your ancestry breakdown.

    What does everyone else take that to mean? It sounds like "this is where you're from" to me?

    Mitochondrial haplogroup V

    Thank you!
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