This is my first post. Received my results from Living DNA last week.

Europe 100%

Europe (North and West) 56.6%

Germanic 45.7%
Scandinavia 11%

Great Britain and Ireland 33.1%

Southeast England 11.9%

East Anglia 8%

Lincolnshire 5.1%

South England 3.2%

Cumbria 2.4%

Northumbria 1.5%

North Yorkshire 1.1%

Europe (East) 10.3%

Finland and Western Russia 7%

Mordovia 2.1%

Northeast Europe 1.1%

Haplogroup U-152
Subclade R-L20

Haplogroup U5
Subclade U5a2b1a

I hope all these results will be updated later on, especially the maps. When I select Cautious and Regions, Scandinavia disappears and when I select Sub Regions as well, all Northwestern Europe-related ancestry disappear from the map. Hopefully, this will change after LDNA have updated the data after the summer (as promised) for the region. (mentioned at )

I'm from the southern part of Sweden. For the last centuries, the majority of my ancestors (on both my father's and my mother's side) came from this part of the country and before this part became Swedish in 1658, it belonged to Denmark for at least 600 years. As far as I can tell, I have very few relatives coming from the north part of Sweden (even if many of have moved north in recent years).

Anyone else who has had the same experience regarding the maps changing dramatically while selecting both Cautious and Sub Regions?