First off, hello everyone! I would like to start a discussion about the M haplogroup as my first post.
Just learned my mtDNA is M5a, but I can barely find information about M itself so I thought we might need a thread on it first.

I will try to update this post whenever I find more information about this particular sub-haplogroup(?)
Anyone else sharing this mtDNA with me? What information have you been able to gather?

mtDNA M - What do we know?

"Haplogroup M is one of two groups that branched from haplogroup L3 soon after humans ventured out of Africa about 60,000 years ago.
The exit from Africa itself likely crossed the Bab el-Mandeb, a narrow strait at the southern end of the Red Sea. Early members of M appear
to have migrated rapidly along the coast of the Indian Ocean, probably reaching southeastern Asia within a few thousand years.
The harsh Ice Age climate 60,000 years ago would have made life away from the coast difficult for the new migrants.
But with climatic improvements over the millennia people gradually carried haplogroup M inland, often following the paths of major rivers like the Indus in India.
Once it had established itself in coastal Asia and some inland locations as well, M gave rise to local haplogroups throughout the continent.