I am opening this thread because this R1b-BY611>Z2705 has seen many changes recently and it's place of origin and subsequent expansion growing more and more interesting.

The question I want to discuss is:
Where did the ancestor of all Z2705 live?

For anyone who hasn't followed the recent updates, I should mention that one important change was the discovery of one Albanian sample as negative to Y32147, which split the branch in two. Then a Greek sample joined him as Z2705* on YFull, but today it was noticed by admins of the Albanian and Serbian forums that the Greek sample was negative to BY38894. YFull does not have this SNP so this division does not show there. To sum up, we now have three branches under Z2705, let's call the branch where new the Greek sample belongs Z2705 (this has DYS393=12 & DYS392=11) and the branch where the new Albanian sample belongs BY38894* (this has DYS513=13).

To answer the question, two things need to be addressed:
1- The frequency and diversity of Z2705, and especially Z2705*, which is so far the earliest of several parallel branches to have split off from the rest.
2- The possibility of even earlier splits based on unusual Z2705 or BY611 haplotypes.

To me, it seems that the haplotype which is now Z2705* is more widespread in the western and central part of the Balkans: Albania, Greece, Serbia each have at least one confirmed case each, plus several of these haplotypes have been found in Albania from anonymous studies.

Please keep both political and even historical references out of this thread: this is about genetics only. Thank you!