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Maybe this study just want to prove that Corsicans aren't related to Italians? A bit agenda-driven?

Sardinians range from 0% steppe ancestry to 9%, but the Sardinian average seems closer to 2-4% of steppe. I think Corsicans have more steppe ancestry than Sardinians.

Chiang 2016

Compare Sardinians with other Europeans and Italians.

French have 37.6% of steppe ancestry, Spanish_North has 32.6%, Tuscans have 27.2%, Bergamo has 25%, Spanish have 22.3%, Greeks have 20%, Albanians have 18.5%, Sardinians have 7.1%, Sicilians have 5.9%.

LBK_EN (Early Neolithic) has already 10/20% of WHG.

Haak 2015

LBK_EN with some WHG (blue)

Good points. The inland areas have "total, real" WHG which is pretty high, given that LBK_EN already have 10-20% WHG, and then there's more, but steppe is extremely low. The coasts have less WHG and more steppe.