I do this as someone who really isn't crazy about chicken, particularly the chicken cooked all around me, other than Southern Fried Chicken, which while good is probably bad for me. The chicken is, first of all, only grain fed, and is pumped full not only of antibiotics, but hormones to grow huge breasts on the bird. That breast me is consequently tasteless, in my opinion, prone to get extremely dry, and has a very unappealing texture. So, I tend to either try to find organic, small, free range chickens and cut those up, or I use only chicken thighs.

First on my list is this "Tuscan chicken" by Gennaro Contaldo. Every person to whom I've fed it asks for the recipe. It's absolutely delicious, has a prep time of about ten minutes, although the total time is probably forty minutes all together, and needs very few ingredients. It's become an absolute staple dish for me: I probably make it, or a version of it at least once a week.

As soon as I get home, I set some salted water to boil for rice or small potatoes and a separate pot for beans or cauliflower or broccoli florets (they sell them here already de-stemmed or cut up) and go change. I then put in the rice or potatoes and the green beans, pour myself a glass of white wine, and relax while everything finishes cooking. It takes a shorter amount of time to do the actual cooking as to go to the take out place. Plus, you can have your glass of wine sooner. :) You can also lower the carbs if you choose and just have it over a single piece of toasted Italian bread, and maybe accompanied by a simple green salad.

Being me, I "corrected" a few things. :) This is how I currently cook it. Use a bigger pot or do it in batches and then return to the pot: if it's too crowded the chicken doesn't sear, it steams. Take out the seeds of the peperoncino if you like it more mild. Do NOT pour the white wine over the chicken itself, which should be skin up then, if you like the skin crisp. Likewise, when plating don't pour the juice over the top, but around the side. I remove the skin before eating just because I like chicken skin only if it's REALLY crisp, as in deep fried, so it doesn't apply to me.

If you want to take a moment or two more, steep a few dried porcini mushrooms in water to cover first thing, and when soft chop them and add them in.