Hello - first post new to all this so please be patient. I’ve recently received my results y Haplogroup result from 23andMe as R-M479. I’ve searched online for more information about this haplogroup but what I get is very sparse with little or no definitive information about migration or confidence in location. Not much on this forum either.
My understanding is that the above haplogroup has no subclades?
My questions:
Does anyone have detailed information about this Haplogroup?
How best can I get a more detailed picture of my haplogroup data? Do I need another test or can I use the 23andMe data? Is it even worth it assuming no subclades exist?
I’m from northwest regions in Pakistan - my Gedmatch 32% Indian 40%Indo/Iranian/West Asian 15% Caucasus 10% NE European the rest is noise. From what I can see that is quite typical of people from around my area.
Any information would be helpful.