This is big, but oddly enough it hasn't made the headlines of mainstream media yet. This is great news for consumers, but not for manufacturers.

EU outlaws planned obsolescence

"In a move which will have Apple clutching its bottom line in fear, the EU has decided to outlaw planned obsolescence and insist that all products must be fixable.

The European Parliament accepted a resolution to lengthen consumer goods and software's longevity, a counter to the alleged planned obsolescence process built into a lot of products.

The European Parliament now wants the European Commission to create a clear definition of the term "planned obsolescence" and to develop a system to track that aging process. It also wants longer warranty periods and criteria to measure a product's strength. Every device should also have a mention of its minimal life expectancy.

Devices should also be easier to repair: batteries and other components should be freely accessible for replacement, unless safety dictates otherwise.