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    1st post

    I have been puttering around for many years but am truly a beginner. My haplogroup is I-Y6060. I have had trouble finding much in the line of useful information. I am upstream (I believe) of cts10057. Eupedia states it's germanic countries and from the bronze age. Can anyone point me in the right direction??

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    Dear Z170 Cousin. You are a member of the continental 2a tribe (I am from the continental 2b tribe where our common ancestor giving birth to these tribes lives 4.000 years ago likely in NW Europe). At YFull you can see the family tree of I-Y6060

    www yfull com tree I-Y6060 (I am still not allowed to give links so replace spaces with dot or slash)

    which shows a clearly British fingerprint.

    I do not know where You have tested or if You want to go further. Y6060 is from the late bronze age so You are deep in the Ytree but there is still room for enhancement.


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