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Thread: I1 Migration Story

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    I1 Migration Story

    I1 more than likely has a Scandinavian origin and most of the early subclades probably do as well. The purpose of this thread is to give your opinion as to when, how, and with which subclade your paternal ancestor left Scandinavia (unless they are still living there).
    I think that my mutations of I1-DF29-Z58-Z59-Z2041-Z2040-Z382-S26361-S16414-S22349-FGC24357 all have a Scandinavian origin (Denmark/Southern Sweden) and they can still be found there today. I think that between (0-500 CE) FGC24347 and S10350 left Denmark/Northern Germany/Frisia with either the Jutes, Angles, Saxons, or Frisians because those subclades no longer have matches in Scandinavia and are mostly found in the British Isles. My paper trail is Wallonia Belgium in 1663 CE. However, there is a family legend that our family migrated from the British Isles near the time of the religious wars in Europe.
    What is your theory on your I1 migration story?
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