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Thread: Avars spoke Hungarian?

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    Avars spoke Hungarian?

    Interview with Tibor Török (Google-translated):

    "Tibor Török: We now know about about two hundred conquering genetic data from 26 cemeteries, and they coincide with the theory of small armed elite theory.


    So, do you claim that the languages ​​of the peoples living here were possible, and not the Hungarian conquerors spoke it? This is the Avars, right?

    Tibor Török: Yes, it's the Avars, but I'm definitely not supposed to say that they spoke in Hungarian, because we can not deduce from the genes in a language, but I consider this to be a strong, strong hypothesis. It should be noted that this idea has been repeatedly raised in archeology-historian circles, such as Ármin Vámbéry, Gyula László, Pál Engel, János Makkay and Gábor Vékony both announcing this version and arguing that their arguments were not convincingly condemned as most people think . Genetic data seem to support this theory as the onogur Bulgarians were Turkish, and if a small number of onogur teams carried out the conquest and state organization, the language had to be found here and there. At the same time, we have a simple explanation for the significant Turkish language layer in Hungarian. If this hypothesis is true, then only the populace of Avars can be considered as the carrier of the language. Of course not the Avar leaders, because they could be the same minority elite as the conquerors."

    On the other hand, about Magyar Conquerors:

    "Available data imply that the Conquerors did not have a major contribution to the gene pool of the Carpathian Basin, raising doubts about the Conqueror origin of Hungarian language."

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    Any discussion on how much the Magyar conquerors contributed to the modern Hungarian gene pool should mention the decimation of Hungary during the Mongol Wars and also to a lesser extent the Ottoman conquest. The Great Plain, which is what modern Hungary has basically been reduced to after the Trianon treaty, suffered the most. Due to heavy Magyarization, many Hungarians today are descendants of people who were Germans and Slovaks in the 1700s. Hungarian may have many Turkic words, but it is not a Turkic language per se, in the same way English has many Latinate terms but is not a Romance language.

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