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Thread: Why do they lie?

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    Why do they lie?

    Old chip:
    - 655800 autosomal markers
    - 22500 Y chr markers

    New chip:
    - 774984 autosomal markers
    - 34216 Y chr markers

    I ask them two times if they also have now other markers on the new chip.
    Second time, I hardly received a response to the question saying... "The markers on the new chip are exactly the same as the old one"
    Why do they lie ?!...
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    Why do you think they lie?

    Do you know when they will start to use the new chip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pax Augusta View Post
    Why do you think they lie?

    Do you know when they will start to use the new chip?
    If you read again what I said, you'll probably understand why they lie.
    To be more explicit, I am one of those participating in the South East Europe regional project and I made the test hoping to help...
    I have chosen Living DNA because they also promise updating the result to every improvement in the work process.
    And now (as you see) they use a larger number of autosomal markers and much more for the Y chromosome, but... refuse to keep their initial promises to update result using their new acquizition!
    All ambitious "regional projects" have now also volatilized along with all promises, deleting all links to its on their site!... Not a single link now related to them other than... to buy a test!

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