My apologies as I originally posted this information in the Introductions Forum.
I have trying with limited success to understand my Y-DNA and how it explains my ancestry. My grandfather immigrated to the US from Denmark around 1900. I have had some DNA testing by National Geographic (Geno 2 by Helix) and The closest either testing has come to Danish heritage has been ~35% Scandinavian (, which has been recently modified to mostly Northwestern Europe and 8% Swedish(?????). I downloaded my raw DNA file and found that the National Geographic data lists my haplogroup as I-CTS6433>Z185>Z90>Z79. However, I also tested positive for CTS6433>CTS5332(separate branch from Z185...) as well as CTS1977>Y12052 and CTS1977>S1585 (separate branch from CTS6433). I would appreciate any comments or explanations regarding these types of results as I them to be confusing. Thanks in advance.