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Thread: I'm a bit confused with my Haplogroup G and my irish and irish ''blood'' (Spanish on)

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    Question I'm a bit confused with my Haplogroup G and my english and irish ''blood'' (Spanish)

    Hello everyone, I introduce myself in this interesting forum, my name is Gabriel de Asturias, Spain. I did my DNA test in MyHeritage, then I uploaded it to GEDMATCH and finally to morleydna to know my father line and my haplogroup. Interestingly, my haplogroup is the G. In my family we have knowledge until they are great-grandparents and we believe that our entire family is Spanish. My surname '' Pino 'is from the Canary Islands, after a lazy investigation on Google, but we do not have notices in our family ...

    If you do not mind, I'm going to post here some things that I have been told in a Spanish Forum. Then you tell me your opinion.

    '' Curious, very curious, the halogroup you have is the G. It is not European. The European would be the R1b. I have R1b-DF27.
    The truth is that I'm curious about G. I've never seen him, that's why he surprised me a bit without knowing it.
    The G has its origin in what I have just seen in the Caucasus and from there it extends to the Middle East and the Mediterranean to the south and, above all, to North Africa.

    This indicates the paternal lineage that has come to you from your father's father and so on until the first of your paternal line is this G halogroup. The highest frequencies are found in the Caucasus and then in the Middle East and you have something for the north of Africa from Egypt. , North of Africa, Berbers. In Spain it is not frequent, and only 10% of Spaniards would have it.

    That is to say, the origin is the Caucasus, of the relations of the Caucasus peoples with Russia. In fact, where it is most frequent in that area today. But then it spread to other regions and towns. But it does not have its origin nor is it related to the indigenous populations of North Africa. So that it is understood. What happens is that the men of the Caucasus migrated through the Middle East, North Africa and the southern Mediterranean and joined with women there, so they formed populations in those areas with that halogroup. But there are also people with the G halogroup in the Caucasus and Russia who have nothing of the Middle East or Africa.

    It is clear.

    Curious is that the famous mummy Otzi has the halogroup G.

    The truth is a very old and very rare halogroup of yours. Pretty special. There's not much information about him. In Europe and Africa it is very rare, almost invisible.

    You say that your last name is Canary, the Canaries have a lot of influence of the Guanches that have their origin in the Berbers of North Africa. Therefore, the result in your analysis. But the halogroup of the Berbers of North Africa and also extended to the rest of Africa is the "E" not the "G" ... Then, there is a possibility that your family has not been in the Canary Islands in fact.

    A possible explanation would be that his paternal line comes from a man originally from the Caucasus who emigrated to the West and who settled for a time in Europe and had offspring with native women there. But it is rare that a "G" halogroup goes as far as it seems that there were no documented migrations so far.

    It is also possible that some ancestor of yours that was European originating in the Caucasus could be Spanish, French, Italian, etc., since the halogroup G, although in low frequency, has been present in Europe, for example, Louis XIV. I had it, so it is possible that some European ancestor with G halogroup has arrived in Asturias or the Canary Islands for some reason, for example, and that this man has had children with a woman from Asturias or Canary Islands who already had the influence previous North Africa. For the Guanches In any case, your case is very strange and see that I have analyzed cases and cases. Anyway, we still do not know if his family was in the Canary Islands or not ... we only have his last name "Pino" ... so

    anything could be. "

    Greetings! :)
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