Just finished watching "Rocco Schiavone" on STARZ.

It's really good, except, having read the books I never pictured the lead as so old. He's an excellent actor, I think, totally believable, but just too old, imo, to play this part. It's like Clint Eastwood always casting himself as the leading man/lover with much younger actresses. Christ, he's too wrinkled for "me" and I'm closer to his age than they are! :)

What sort of tickled my fancy is how irascible and lacking in patience all Italians are, and not just the lead character. I guess I'm normal. :) I also can't begin to express how I miss the kidding, and the open facial expressions and the use of body language. Sometimes it seems to me everyone here has been dipped in gesso.

Oh, the subtitles are bad. I mean, they're fine for following the story, but you lose half the humor of the Italian. Well, maybe they wanted it "cleaner". :)