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Thread: Regarding toponyms in modern Belgium named after Belgae tribes

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    Post Regarding toponyms in modern Belgium named after Belgae tribes

    When reading through the eupedia celtic_trivia page I encountered the following statement:

    • The only Belgian town named after a Belgic tribe is Tongeren (Tongres), named after the Tungri. Nevertheless, the Condroz and Famenne regions of Wallonia owe their name to the Belgic Condrusi and Paemani tribes.

    This is patently false. The following places derive their name from Belgae tribes:

    Virton, in Belgian Lorraine, was named Vertunum by the Romans, and derives its name from the Viromandui tribe which lived in that region.

    Menen, a southern West-Flemish town, is named after the Menapii, as is the archaic name for the region comprised of the central and southern parts of West- and East-Flanders, Mempisc or Mepsche Gouw (from pagus mempiscus ; this as opposed to the northern parts named pagus flandriensis meaning the land that is flooded by the sea on a regular basis).

    Furthermore, the villages Avendoren (Tienen), Averdoingt (Arras), Averbode & Avernas (Hannut) have names derived from the Eburones tribe, not surprisingly since they are to be found in what used to be their main territory. Also the Toxandrii (which is a Latin translation of Gallic Eburones - yew tree people) were at the origin of the name of the town Tessenderlo.

    Next to Belgic references, there is good indication that the coastal town of Wenduine where extensive archeological findings have been made pointing to a pre-Roman settlement, derives its name from a trade-hub or the Armorican Veneti, whose name in Gaulish basically means "merchants" and who were sea-faring merchants who regularly crossed the Channel. After all there were other such coastal settlements, for example Koksijde whose name points to a settlement (-yde = harbor) of the Chauci, an Anglo-Frisian sea-faring tribe.

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    How about Moringhem ? House/domain/home of the Morini tribe ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flupke View Post
    How about Moringhem ? House/domain/home of the Morini tribe ?
    Yes, it's possible.
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