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Thread: Elba, the first Mesolithic woman found in Spain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
    Let's take this one at a time.
    1) I'm talking about the Bell Beaker girl that was recently reconstructed. If datas suggest that mostly EEF people were Light Skinned and they say that this girl is a second generation migrant from " Northern Europe ". But the paper suggest " Mr Morrison said: "When I received the results of the DNA testing from Maya, which showed that Ava had straight dark hair, brown eyes and a less-fair complexion. " So in other sense, she is likely related with continental Neolithic ancestry but she had " less-fair complexion "?

    2) When i say " Truth dont always come with Science " i mean Deduction needs to have a role in it. Scienitific facts can be interpreted in a very literal way, exemple " less than 100 samples of European HG's tells us that they were darker than modern Europeans = so HG's were all Dark Skinned ". The same rules apply with Yamnaya. Yes all tested Yamnaya samples for, were Light Skinned, Dark Haired and Dark Eyed. Absolutely no problem with that conclusion, but it doesn't mean = all Yamnaya individuals were obviously the same. Science needs to make Deductions ( and not Intuitions ) between prehistoric datas and modern datas. Evolution and Selection are not deductions, there is thousand of exemples none explaineable by Evoltuion or Selection. Exemple. Platypus.

    3) I'm ok with this point. And as i explained probably 10 times in the past. My problem is not to prove that Europeans are none-related with Africans, that we are in Europe between 500'000 years old and that we are not related with Africans, and that our ancestors were Blonde Haired or Blue Eyed. My problem come with the fact that Science can be used as a Political Motivation. Yes Nazis and other did it, but it doesn't mean they are the only one who are doing it. Racism is a complexe behavior and a lot of racist people are pushing a progressive agenda because they got some God Complexe. One of this problem also lies with Lazaridis wich i also commented multiple times, over all the Harvard or MP searchers i'm following on Twiiter, he got some weird commentry over some points that can influenced, wich want to be influenced.

    4) From Genetiker:
    I1072 Natufian 11,840–9760 BC Light Brown Brown
    There is no mention in the actual study " The Genetic Structure of the World First Farmers ". So only the amateur community have put their hands on. As i already said multiple times, i take Genetiker with some salt, but apparently the amateurish community have to do things to have " complete datas ".

    5) I read all papers, and i comprehend pretty good terminology, not the scientific verbiage however. And we go back to the point 3. Cheddar Man reconstruction is very dark, i expect then that Scientifics have Facts, translated in Genetic Datas that this guy was like his representation. Wich you just said " we know they were darker than us and ancient farmers, but to what extent? ". Problem is once again, Politics dont wait those " scientific confirmation " for pushing a Social Agenda, neither Religious people or various groups that could include Scientifics too.

    5-6) In the thread you say " Even before the latest improvements in the tests, it was quite common to get extremely good predictions for skin pigmentation using the available forensic tests. It's done all the time. People just don't want to accept it for some reason " And now you say " I said that according to what we know so far they were darker skinned than the Anatolian farmers " those two sentences seems totally unrelated but they are. If we can have extremely good predictions, why then only stop to " darker than farmers ". Can we not have extremely good prediction with an actual population sample?

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    Dude, genes can vanish from populations quite easily over time if there is selection against them. Thats the basic concept of evolution. No reason why it shouldn't happen to pigmentation genes.

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