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I completely agree.
Also, in terms of Remedello itself, like Baden, the assumption that they were steppe people came from the fact that their cultures exhibited many of the "hallmarks" of steppe culture. Whether it was a function of the fact that sometimes "pots are indeed just pots", and culture can travel without genes (westward), or a lot of it, like the stelae, might have developed first in the Balkans and then moved east, I don't know.
The core of Remedello DNA looks similar to Balkanic, but from before the Balkans were infused with Caucasian DNA. However, the Stelae look like masculine symbols, and the dominant paternal DNA within Remedello appears to be Megalithic I2. Without taking into account finds elsewhere, this would be suggestive of the Stelae having a Megalithic origin.
We know there were a few odd strands of Steppe cropping up in early southern DNA (El Portalon and Vucedol, which my calculator suggests are related and independent of both Bell Beaker and Yamnaya). Might the Stelae have been picked up by Megalithic people from the very first Steppe adventurers into Southern France/Northern Spain mid 4th millennium BC?
I will calculate some dating estimates for the development of Remedello-like yDNA to see if it mirrors the development of Steppe lineages.