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Slavic migrations, while the Bessi lived in Bulgaria deep into the Slavic migrations. Not to mention the Bessi were very Hellenized, and the Albanian language is not so.
Nonsense. Bessi in Late Antiquity lived in eastern Dardania. SE Serbia, NE Macedonia, W.Bulgarian areas.
They were not Hellenized, their archeological culture was mostly continuing IA traditions. Where Bessi lived in the times of Herodotus is irrelevant.

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The Albanians are the descendants of the Albanoi in northern Albania.
No, Albanians were far from any coast and they were around modern day Kosovo. Not far from proto-Romanians. Even if they were, Albanoi were not Illyrian, just a people living in Illyria. Neither of their two personal names were Illyrian. One was Thracian-like the other Brygian.

Albanopolis is South of the Jirecek line, Albanians lived to the North of that line.