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I will somehow pass over the introduction and will get into the subject, more directly.
As a short note, I consider Celts and Gauls as same group of ethnicities.
With the word Celts coming from the Greek Keltoi and the world Gauls coming from the Latin Galls.
This group of ethnicities seems to had related languages and related cultures and lifestyles.

Something as today Slavs are.
If I mentioned Slavs that does not means that I am proposing a link between the Slavs and the Celts, neither that I disagree with a link between some Celtic ethnicities and some Slavic ethnicities.
I have done very few research on this matter, of the links between the Slavs and the Celts.

Now,from the few information that I have read, on this matter, I was thinking that these Hallstatt Celts had the center of their culture on the current land of Austria and South Germany.
Also, it seems that these Hallstat Celts had also an important presence in what is today Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, France, South England and Iberia.

Now ,our forum administrator, Herr Maciamo, even made a map with how Hallstatt Culture was spread over the land of current Europe, putting also the current countries borders, on this map:

To me it seems that these Hallstatt Kelts had an important role in the formation of the Western Germanic ethnicities.
If you would like to add an your opinions on this matter, please write them here.