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Just some info, to confirm that West German nations formed from Germanics and Celtic tribes:
In Wurtemberg West, R1B-P312 clades are 45%, from the paternal lines.
R1B-S21 makes 18% of the paternal lines in Wurtemberg West.
More detailed:
R1B-U152 makes 21%, R1B-DF27 - 12 %, R1B-L21 6% and generic clades of R1B-P312 another 6%.
In South Baden, R1B-L21 makes even 15% of the paternal lines.

Think that Germany was actually the Urheimat of the Celts, Celts being allied to Germanic tribes from Germany and dwelling in the dense woods from Germany.
It would be good to distinguish between Germanics formation where and when from the today Germany, still a bit unlevel today.