Ftdna introduced this massive amount of data for Big Y
Too much to be explained, but check on net site under DNA-Explained for details, see link below
My SNP came out as only 2 people , Myself and an English person........on our data, they did some combination to extract data and the following results are
Detailed View: T-Z19945
British Isles 42.59%
Southeast Europe 26.71%
Scandinavia 12.21%
Iberia 6.31%
East Europe 6.11%
Asia Minor 4.16%
Other (3 regions) 1.91%

The only thing I have of a ancient/old find for SNP Z19945 of haplo T1a2 is from Jura Caves in north Switzerland.
Currently I am still working out the finer points of this new data/findings , while at the same time ftdna keep making small changes to it