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Thread: The other Future of Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tutkun Arnaut View Post
    so where is Turkey drilling now? what is the view in Greece, how bad situation can get?
    have you hear the moto

    'Johny fear the monster,
    and the monster fear Johny,'

    monster roars to input fear to Johny,
    Johny roars to input fear to monster.

    where Turkey try to drill id about 3000 +2500 m deep
    only one of drilling ship can not do it,
    but it reach 3000 m,
    also cement detected,

    so game now is scratch or piss the tree, to mark your area,

    No One is going to attack the other
    All the Brave hyms are for inner consuption

    Even if Erdogan manage to drill so deep, and finds oil there, he can sell it only in Weatherford International, which is after observation and Depth control,
    (remember the Albanian case of 65 M $)
    Erdogan just want to impress and might sold to Qatar with Botac factory,

    Greece/Cyprus on the other hand, are afraid to attack Erdogan's drilling ships, and provocative acts inside Aegean sea
    cause that might cause an inner affair and bad-Face to NATO,,

    So EVERYDODY (in his country) has 'BIG MOUTH' for inner consuption, and provide himshelf as Hero to his country.

    but EVERYBODY AFFRAIDS AN ACCIDENTAL EVENT, which spark or activate a moving chain effect
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