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How could I have forgotten the following.

Michele Morrone; my husband's type. He is the actor from "365 Days". For all the simulated sex and his gorgeousness, it was a disappointing movie. There was zero chemistry between him and the Polish actress imo, at least on his part; or maybe he's just not that good an actor, but oh what looks. Be still my heart. :)

Luca Pantini:

Enrico Ravenna; he must be an Italian Jew because he is listed as an Israeli.

Italian men who look like these actors or models are considered highly attractive all around the globe.
I think, that there are basically no cultures or people who would find these men not handsome. So, beauty is not always in the eyes of the beholder. In fact, there is a universal beauty standard that is deeply rooted in humans. You should open a thread where people can vote for the most attractive Italian actor/model with these guys.