Let me exlplain myself better to show you that I am right and you're both wrong. As this guy is extremely biased obviously based on his conclusion. It is mind boggling how people manipulative genetic evidence to suit their own agenda.

1. The bronze age sample in Dalmatia might of been more Western shifted than Albanians but that sample from Bulgaria is more Southern shifted , this doesnt make the sample from Bulgaria closer , if you look at the K36 similarity, the Bronze Age sample in Dalmatia in the OP has a higher similarity with Albania at 77 while the one in Bulgaria gets 66. Of course this depends on what Albanians. North Albanians / Kosovars are like North Italians / Tuscans while some Southern Albanians are more south like that sample , this doesnt mean they derive their ancestry from such a sample , same way Greeks or South Italians literally have nothing to do with some sample from Bulgaria, its just shared Neolithic ancestry.

2. The Bronze Age sample in Dalmatia gets Kosovar and Albanian as top 3 ethnicties in many calculators that uses Albanian samples, while the sample from Bulgaria doesnt get it as close. Once again making the sample from Dalmatia closer to Albanians, atleast Gheg Albanians.

3. The other sample from Dalmatia which is found in the same time frame carried a typical North Albanian marker , J2b2 L283. Autosomally it wasnt as close as the first one, but still not much less close than the one from Bulgaria. Once again closer to Albanians. Pretty much all these Late Bronze Age samples in West Balkans are closer to North Albanians, although not 100% identical and carry typical Albanian markers, J2b2 l23 , R1b - z2103

This all means the sample from Bulgaria isn't closer to Albanians , and if it is its some Southern Albanians who are Sicilian like rather than North Albanians. You can't base peoples origin on such a sample either.

But every evidence points that Albanians are Ilyrians that lived in the Western Balkans for thousands of years. That sample in Bulgaria isn't a Thracian btw. Its just a Neolithic sample. Thracians were probably genetically similar people to Ilyrians. You can see this also by the fact that Macedonians and Bulgarians were also close to those West Balkan Bronze Age samples. There have been actual Thracian samples found and they plotted with Tuscans. They were closer to Albanians but its most likely due to Thracians and Ilyrians being autosomally similar.

There was also a Late Bronze Age sample found in Montenegro that plotted with Bulgarians, basically where a lot of North Albanians also plot.

Late Bronze Age Balkan samples from West Balkans are basically closer to Albanians than any other samples found in the Balkans and carry typical Albanian markers.

East Balkan samples weren't closer ... Other samples found in East Balkan were like Austrians and North East Europeans , that Iron Age was the most Souhthern one and the most closest one but still not any closer than Late Bronze Age West Balkan samples.

There is literally nothing right about what this guy is saying and the way he is modelling modern Balkan populations based on these samples is also totally wrong. The way he reaches to conclusions is absolutely nonsense. He is literally trying to say that Ancient East Balkanites were like us while West Balkanites werent which is wrong and he bases this off one sample which isnt even closer .... All these ancient Balkan samples are acrually very different from eachother depending on the time frame despite they are found in same areas , which makes what this guy says wrong again.

Even if there was one sample that was closer doesnt mean we derive our ancestry from such a sample but maybe also a population that was genetically similar.

The J2b2 L283 in Albanians is of West Balkan origin and strengthen an Ilyrian origin, even the word Dalmatia has been explained in the Albanian language

Its too bad dudes like this use this to manipulate things into their own agenda. He's just lying anyway.