Before few years I spoke about Amber Fox 2 plan

Amber Fox 1 was the time of 'big' Yugoslavia collapse and split.
and primary was to save SlavoMakedonia's exostance

Amber fox 2 is today and has its peak at Prespes treaty with the 'bless' of USA ambassador Pyatt 'the loser of Ukraine'
forced entrance of South Slavic republic of (Roman) Makedonia to NATO

but seems that starts a domino action,

Amber Fox 2 plan might collapse soon,
as the myth of SlavoMakedonia,

the Domino has moved North to Kossovo,

It seems Big Albania is on the plan,

When I spoke about Amber Fox 2 everybody laughed,
but where is VMRO today?
what is going in Albania with Rama?
why Greece is in mood for civil war in Makedonia? (every weekend demonstrations, even autonomistic mention movements)


the new plan as it is discussed now

it has to decide if will enter EU or not with or with out Kossovo,
return of properties to Greek minority or forced exchange with money, and possible discussion about the forced inhabitation of N Epirus.


Forced split to 3 parts
1 the Albanian part
2 The Serbian part which will split and Join Serbia
3 The Mitrovitsa special case, which will be a semi indepedent state under NATO forces.


1 gains the Serbian part of Kossovo
2 Gives Pressevo (Albanian habitatnts) Indepedence and under NATO forces, temporary and possibly permanent to Kossovo.
3 Loses the rights of the highway Athens to Beligrade which pass to NATO temporary, (WOW, NATO is ready for Briezinsky plan and Balkan's canal!!!!, Kill South Europe's economy in order to attack Russia!!!)


Greece and Italy become the military defenders of West Balkans,
Albania Kossovo and SlavoMakedonia is under the protection of Greece and Italy, especially at Air defence affairs,
that is not new since every week Italian and Greek airfighters making exercise already at Albania and Skopjie

Greece gains fully observation of N Epirus status by the treaty.

still untouched, but not sure for future,
No discussion until today about MontenEgro


still untouched, but not sure for future,
No much discussion until today about Bosnia,
But seems from the little said it will split to 3 parts,
1 the Bosnian muslim core,
2 The Serbian part which might join Serbia before her entrance to EU, nothing certain today
3 The Croatian part which might be either under Croatian observation, either join Croatia, nothing still certain, the discuss is limited.

South Slavic republic of Makedonia

No matter the Prepses treaty gave them advantage,
the new Status gives them unstabillity.
mainly the Tettovo case,
If Big Albania is to become, Then Tettovo must split SlavoMakedonia,
it is discussed to Split Tettovo and join straight to Kossovo, or make it the 3rd indepent state after Mitrovitsa and Pressevo.
That will be either a 'pain in the ass' on Skopjie state, either a relief,

So Amber Fox 2 is still on Balkans, and from Eugeleia (Gevgelia) moves to Pressevo and Kossovo.

for those who did not believe me or made jokes when I spoke about Amber FOX plan.
The Prespes treaty is infront their eyes,