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Thread: Jomon genome and East Asian population history

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    Jomon genome and East Asian population history


    "AbstractAnatomical modern humans reached East Asia by >40,000 years ago (kya). However, key questionsstill remain elusive with regard to the route(s) and the number of wave(s) in the dispersal into EastEurasia. Ancient genomes at the edge of East Eurasia may shed light on the detail picture of peoplingto East Eurasia. Here, we analyze the whole-genome sequence of a 2.5 kya individual (IK002)characterized with a typical Jomon culture that started in the Japanese archipelago >16 kya. Thephylogenetic analyses support multiple waves of migration, with IK002 forming a lineage basal to therest of the ancient/present-day East Eurasians examined, likely to represent some of the earliest-wavemigrants who went north toward East Asia from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, IK002 has the extragenetic affinity with the indigenous Taiwan aborigines, which may support a coastal route of theJomon-ancestry migration from Southeast Asia to the Japanese archipelago. This study highlight thepower of ancient genomics with the isolated population to provide new insights into complex historyin East Eurasia."

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    The big revelation here is that microblade industries aren't correlated with ANE ancestry with East Asia. I think that necessariky means south-eastern Siberia was populated by hunters of a different type - likely fully East Eurasian.

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