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Thread: K36/G25 with (more than) a touch of.....Funnelbeaker/ TRB!?

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    K36/G25 with (more than) a touch of.....Funnelbeaker/ TRB!?

    The TRB effect!?

    LM Genetics did recently K36 per chromosome. For the three of us mom, dad and I. Especially in the case my mother there were some notable results.
    My mother has relative high HG (Fennoscandian) and ENF (Italian), less Steppe. So she gets on some chromosomes outmost Nordic results and some Swiss/Tyrol/North Italian results. She has no direct connection with these areas. (Finn is an 'avatar')

    I guess we see here the Funnelbeaker (ENF/Italian) and Swifterbant (HG/Fennoscandian) effect. LBK Stuttgart and GAC Poland have quite high Italian too. And the old HG like La Brana scores high Fennoscandian.

    When I compare this with G25. This is confirmed.
    My Father is quite average North Dutch/NW German (early Anglo-Saxon like). Has definitely more Steppe than mom.
    I got the Steppe result of Dad and the HG result of Mom. Makes me superficial quite Nordic.

    Some G25 (Eurogenes) models:

    -Davidski model (WHG, Barcin-N, Yamna-Samara)
    Schermafbeelding 2019-03-23 om 08.53.56.jpg

    -Pht2er, classic model
    Schermafbeelding 2019-03-23 om 08.58.29.jpg

    So do we see especially in the case of my mom a TRB-effect? Would in some sense be no surprise.
    Drenthe, especially the so called Hondsrug (sandy hight) part, is the absolute TRB (and Swifterbant) hotspot of the Lowlands. It's a farmer/hg pocket. The Hondsrug area is exactly the zone where her ancestors have come from. That's 1:1.

    The Hondsrug with the neolithic TRB dolmens (Dutch 'Hunebedden') as today still can be spotted in the landscape.
    Schermafbeelding 2019-03-24 om 09.29.54.jpg

    I guess TRB not only left some stones but also some genes.

    Plausible? Or non-sense? Or any adds?
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